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Relationship Counselling- Dating Issues, Reconnection, Separation & Divorce Coaching

Relationships need to be nurtured and taken care of similar to a garden.  It is important for couples to be aware of the seeds they are planting in that garden, as what they plant will grow.  

Successful relationships require partners to be aware of one another’s individual needs for emotional safety and security, communication, intimacy and connection.  When there is conflict, it can trigger our greatest fears of being unloveable, lonely or misunderstood.  You may come to relationship or couples counselling if you are feeling disconnection from your partner, or that you are in constant conflict and lacking emotional safety in one another or a lack of positive communication.  


When I work with couples, I like to explore individual needs which includes your relationship with yourself then what you want from your partner.  We will work through your childhood experiences that may have left emotional imprints about your needs and concerns.  We will explore the relationship as a whole to find communication patterns that lead to disconnect, hostility and resentment.  We will work through entrenched challenges to find underlying needs, break through defensiveness to find vulnerability, explore attachment needs and fears of abandonment and rejection, to find increased self-love which will in turn build a healthier relationship. 

In our work together we can:

  • Improve communication by learning concrete tools and strategies so you both feel heard and understood and find ways to overcome communication breakdowns such as nagging, fighting or stonewalling;

  • Work towards repairing trust breaches;

  • Respectfully go through the process of separation and divorce;  

  • Increase respect, connection and emotional safety;

  • Explore the roadblocks to communication and learn ways to communicate;

  • Identify underlying core beliefs or attachment issues that may be impacting on your relationship; and

  • Explore underlying patterns in communication and resolve conflict.

Couples: About Therapy

"Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean."

Thich Nhat Hanh

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