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In Family Systems Therapy, every family is likened to a system, where each family member is part of the system that impacts and affects the greater whole. In family therapy, this model is used to examine each family member's way of relating to one another and the impact of the individuals behaviour on the entire family system. 

We may explore patterns of behaviour and work towards making changes to reduce conflict and stress and improve the family dynamic. We can work on improving your communication, developing more respectful and nurturing relationships and strengthening attachment by finding points of connection and honouring differences. Family counselling can help your family gain increased understanding, acceptance and find healthier ways to relate to one another.

In our work together, we can:

  • Explore the family relational patterns that may be maladaptive;

  • Have greater understanding about how family members trigger one another and ways of communicating more effectively;

  • Learn ways to resolve conflicts, de-escalate situations and cope with challenges;

  • Discover practical ways to strengthen the family unit;

  • Parent/teen counselling & mediation; and

  • Positive parenting approaches for the family system.

Family: About Therapy
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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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